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Earrings under 100 EUR

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  1. White pearl earrings formal gold
  2. White stud earrings with 3 mm
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  3. White pearl earrings formal silver
  4. White stud earrings with 7 mm
  5. Flow pearl earrings
  6. White stud earrings 5 mm
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  7. Pearl drop earrings 3 mm
  8. Stud earrings with white 10 mm pearl
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  9. Premium Silver 7 mm baroque pearl thread earrings
  10. Peridot stud earrings
  11. Earrings round with baroque pearl 7 mm
  12. Earrings round black pearl 9 mm silver stud
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  13. Silver amethyst stud earrings
  14. Blue tourmaline and drop pearl earrings 5 mm silver stud
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  • "Here I found the necklace I've been looking for for a long time. Thank you"

    Victoria Sadovici

  • "I highly recommend, in addition to the quality pearls, I also enjoy the particularly original packaging."

    Vasilisa Carabet